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It's FriYAY!

This morning Sissy didn't feed me breakfast quick enough, so I had to start eating her.

That seemed to help her remember.

Bella has been a bit of a grouch, too, so I have to play with her extra to cheer her up. For some reason she pretends to prefer sleeping in the sun to playing with me. But I know the truth.

I also like playing with Sissy's shoes, and sometimes her feet are still in them to add extra flavor. She loves yanking her foot away, so I make sure to chase them around. She would be so disappointed if I didn't play along.

Ok, I admit it. I love sleeping in the sun too. It's especially great because I get to say hi to everyone who walks past. Some of them even spend some time at the windows with me while they wait for the cars to pass.

Everyone always says how cute I am and that I'm getting super big. All I know is I'm tall enough to steal food at the edge of the table and cute enough to get away with it.

Love to you all,


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